Friday, May 7, 2010

My Journey

Though it took several e-mails I finally committed to meeting Hyam for my first session/assessment at Clay Fitness on Wednesday, May  5.  After our first meeting (which I will tell you about in my next post) she set up a schedule for me that is rigorous, but doable.  I will meet with her for Personal Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will attend a group class on Fridays. Three out of the four days that I am not with her I will have assigned homework that I am expected to complete. On the seventh day I will (happily) rest.

Additionally, I have started using Spark People to track my daily food intake.  This, I'm sure, will be an eye-opener for me.  Obviously I eat too much and not as healthily as I should, but when you start tracking every little bite you can't deny it anymore.  As I've mentioned before (and surely will again) I'm really good at lying to myself.  I can't tell you how many times I've said, "It's the weekend" or "I'm on vacation" just to justify another beer or brownie.  SparkPeople and Hyam don't let you do that, so be prepared for some big changes (and subsequent whining).

It's important to note that this "journey" of mine is not solely about losing weight.  Actually, it's not about losing weight at all.  If I worked at this for the next three months and didn't lose a pound but I was healthier, more fit and happy with who I am, and - let's be honest - I had a rockin' body -  that would be success for me. The reality of it is, however, that I am overweight to reach those goal of being a "happy, healthy, hottie"  pounds are going to come off.  Plys they are an easy way to track success so I am going to use them.  And I'm dying to say something like "I lost 40 pounds!"

All joking aside, I'm sincere when I say that this blog truly is more about my journey to find myself (or re-find myself) in these layers I've been hiding under the past few years.  It's more than just a "weight loss blog" - it's about changing my life both inside and out. I'm sharing it with the world because I truly need this accountability, but also hope that maybe I will inspire someone else out there who has gone through - or is going through - a similar situation.  If I reach just one person then again, that's success for me.

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