Monday, May 24, 2010

In The Numbers

Regardless of how far I go in this journey I will never divulge my actual weight to you.  Sorry, but after nearly 30 years of battling with the scale I find those numbers to have such a negative influence on my self-esteem that I barely even acknowledge them myself.  I realize, however, that they are a way of determining success, so I can't discount them completely.

So, I've decided that I'm going to kind of embrace them for the sake of the blog.  Kind of.  Though I don't take much stock in things like height/weight charts or even BMI, I do acknowledge that there has to be some easy way to track success.  So I'm starting with the number 40, which is the number of pounds I think I need to lose.  It's a somewhat arbitrary number - based solely on what I think I should weigh in order to look the way I'd like to look and feel the way I'd like to feel - but it's a number - and I know people like numbers.

Once a week I will weigh in and report to you where I am at.  The goal, of course, is that every time I post the number will have decreased. Since I didn't post last week's weigh-in I will do that now - it was...39.     
This will be fun, right?

1 comment:

  1. Here is to 39! Keep it up. Remember it is through all of the days, weeks, or months tests that you will see your willpower increase while your number decreases. I have all the faith in you. This weekend, say yes to one less glass of wine or beer and one less no-no food. That in and of itself is a success!

    You are amazing. Just remember you are and inspiration to so many.