Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Woes

So I'm guessing some of you were wondering when my "this is so awesome" attitude was going to change.  Well....let's just say I had a tough weekend. 

The weekend itself was actually fine.  If I wasn't trying to make big changes in my life I might even say it was quite nice.  Friday night a big storm came in so both girls decided they needed to climb in with me.  While this does hinder my sleep significantly, I can't help but loving having them next to me.  They are growing up so fast - it won't be long before snuggling their mom will be a distant memory.

Saturday afternoon we were fortunate to be able to attend the Bama Works Fund Mother-Daughter Luncheon benefit.  The event was catered by the Greenwood Gourmet Grocery so the food was fabulous, local and fairly healthy.  The dessert was beautiful, organic and just too hard to resist.  I only had one, which, if you've tasted a Mahlia Creation you know is something to be proud of!

So here's where the tough part comes in.  I'll spare you all the details because it gets pretty darn ugly and embarrassing, but I will say this: while sleeping over at Amazement Square Saturday night with the Girl Scout troop prohibited my usual weekend overindulgence (alcohol), I managed to keep my calorie and fat intake up with a trip to a fast food restaurant, a large non-fat mocha and few Thin Mints.  And if that wasn't enough,  the more Sunday wore on, the more tired I became and the worse my choices got.  I made a noble attempt at my vegetable intake this evening, but am fairly sure the pepperoni cancelled that out.

Is this why they say not getting enough sleep is bad for your waistline?

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