Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Truth in Photos

A few days ago a friend suggested that I post "Before and After" pics on the blog. Though he was joking I don't think it's such a bad idea.  If posting a picture of yourself at the heaviest you've weighed in your entire life for the whole world to see doesn't kick the vanity out of you nothing will! 

Plus, I can't really expect people to get behind me if they don't actually see what's happening. Many, if not most, of you reading this haven't seen me for quite awhile (like 10 - 20 years!) . You may remember me as that 115 pound high school tennis player or 125 pound college sorority girl or 135 pound young woman searching for her career. I still play tennis (though not very well), I still heart the brown and mode (a Gamma Phi thing) and finally figured what I wanted to be when I grew up (thanks to Jennifer Stender-Hawkins and SuzySaid!) but unfortunately your memory of my appearance would be very wrong.  Somewhere between there and here I managed to become fulfilled but also filled out.  

The problem is, I've searched through all of our photos from the past 6 months and there are very few of me - and absolutely none of my entire body.  I'm always the one behind the camera and on the rare occasion that a picture of me is taken, I usually delete it.   Occasionally I will take one with the girls, but that's a head shot only.  And if it weren't for the two beauties next to me I'd delete those too.

So added to my "To Do" list this week is to get a picture posted on here.  I can promise that it will not be Biggest Loser-esque (a sports bra and biker shorts)  or like those bikini-clad diet pill ads in Family Circle - it will be me and my 40 extra pounds - just waiting on a change.

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  1. Amy - i'm completely proud of you for doing this. I wish I had the same motivation! I have a friend who just did the same thing. She took pics of herself along the way to help document her weight loss. Another very cool thing she did was treat herself to something nice (really nice - like Coach bag nice) for every weight milestone she met. I thought that was a great idea!