Friday, May 14, 2010

It's ON!

Telling me I can't do something is pretty much a guarantee that I'm going to make it happen. This love of a challenge (along with a penchant for yo-yo dieting, among other things) is one of the qualities that I inherited from my father. We've challenged each other to weight loss competitions in the past, but unfortunately neither of us has been able to make it stick.  

Knowing how a challenge motivates both of us I received the e-mail below after my dad read my blog.  If I wasn't committed to succeeding with this change before, I certainly am now!

"I see by your blog that you have committed to losing some weight.  Well, so have I and I will not be beat!  So- 

Webster defines the words as follows: 
     I - the one who is speaking or writing
     Will - something desired
     Kick - a blow or sudden forceful thrust with the foot
     Your - of or relating to you or yourself
     Ass - buttock

Putting it all together, I will kick your ass=The one who is writing desires to thrust his foot to your buttock!

- Dad"

Oh, we'll see whose foot is thrust into whose buttock, Gar.  The game is on!

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  1. You Go Girl! I love that about you! I have never known you to give up without a strong fight! How are you doing? Still feeling the LOVE for your new trainer and lifestyle?