Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Feel Good...

I didn't start out the week on a very good note. I was mad at myself for the poor food choices I made, exhausted from an overscheduled weekend, tired from working late Sunday night and more than ready for the Spicy Chicken to come home from his "weekend" golf trip that lasted five days.  Apparently I'm not very good at hiding my feelings because as soon as I walked in the door of the studio Hyam asked, "What's wrong?"  

After I whined a little bit and Hyam patiently listened we got to down to work.  We actually weighted in first - one measly pound down - but I figured that was lucky after the pepperoni fiasco so I couldn't let it affect me too much.  (Here's where the important part of the story comes in  so pay attention).  When we were done with our workout I was tired, sweaty and really stinky but you know what?  I felt fabulous!  I was ready to take on the world (which would start with a call to the Spicy Chicken with an apology for maybe being a little out of line earlier that morning).   

Call it what you want - endorphins - adrenaline - insanity - whatever - this is the miracle of exercise people! To push your body past what you think it can do and then feel GOOD afterward is amazing.  I wonder how I ever allowed myself to forget this magical feeling of getting stronger and feeling better, but I hope I never let it disappear again.  


  1. I remember when my attitude used to be, 'I've had a hard day, I need to workout to make myself feel good and I deserve a good workout.' Now it's turned into, 'I deserve cookie dough.' I'm struggling to re-capture my healthy rewards system.

    On the upside, I've gotten to the gym every day but Tuesday. Think getting a root canal gives a girl a gym pass!

  2. Janet I totally understand where you're coming from. That is exactly what my thought process turned to - and why I'm where I am now. This post isn't to say that I don't still do that - I do and I know I will - but it did feel like a step in the right direction. Amazing how easily it goes from that to this, huh? You've always been an inspiration to me - and continue to be. Recover from that root canal and I'll see you in the gym tomorrow!