Monday, May 24, 2010

The Biggest Loser in C'ville?

I spent Saturday morning with my friends Heather and Josephine signing up for Biggest Loser Charlottesville. This 10-week long event isn't actually affiliated with the NBC phenonmenon Biggest Loser, but rather a fundraiser-turned-community-shape-up for the Hope Community Center - a local non-profit organization dedicated to challenging poverty, fighting homelessness and building community.  I've communicated with Joshua Bare, the Director of the Hope Center, a lot on Twitter so I was thrilled to be able to help him promote it to my SuzySaid readers.  He probably didn't know, however, that I'd be a participant, too!

We showed up at the event around 7:30am to see a line of at least 50 people standing in front of us.  I was completely astounded by how many showed up for this event (preliminary numbers show more than 270 registered!).  After being weighed, measured and outfitted with t-shirts, water bottles and a little promotional material (of course!) we were officially part of the program.

So what does someone receive for the $35 entry fee?  The chance to win over $5000 in cash and prizes, along with a Saturday morning workout from the various sponsors (i.e. ACAC, Gold's, etc.) surrounded by 250+ people with the same goal as you and the awesome feeling of knowing you are doing something to change not only your life, but that of others too (by supporting The Hope Center).

If you weren't one of those waiting in line with me Saturday morning but you're interested in joining the program don't fret.  You can sign up and weigh in for Biggest Loser Cville at the Weight Watchers location in Albemarle Square on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

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