Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting Started

I've been talking about getting serious about my weight and health for years.  It never seemed to rise to the top of the priority list, however (and if it did I just pushed it back down).  There was no secret that I had picked up a few pounds over the years, but somehow I continually found a way to justify it to myself.  I was happy and healthy - what did I need to lose weight for?

It wasn't until I started my Cville Plugged In TV gig that I realized how bad it had really gotten.  Watching my first appearance I couldn't even hear  myself speak -  I was so focused on what I looked like.  Who was that fat woman on the screen?  OMG - it was me!

So I attempted to get back into my routine at ACAC but soon realized that I was about as excited about that as I was about the salad I had for dinner.  We'd been members at the gym  since we moved here and the only thing I had to prove for it was a several thousand dollar debt and 5 more pounds than I started with.  It was clear I needed something different.  What that was, however, I didn't know.  So I went home to mull it over (along with a box of Thin Mints).

Several weeks and a few boxes of cookies later fate brought me to Clay Fitness + Nutrition. Ok, maybe it wasn't as much fate as it was work, but that sounds kind of boring...My intention was to interview Hyam Hosny, the owner of Clay, a new studio that opened in Belmont this spring for an article for SuzySaid.  Two hours later, however, I found that I had not only told her my entire diet history, but was ready to sign on the dotted line.

"What's different about your program?"  I asked her.  She blushed and stammered a little, "I'm not good at self-promoting," she responded at first.  But then continued to tell me how she invests herself completely in her clients.  She truly involves herself in their success - sending text messages - assigning homework - and, in a sense, riding their asses (in a loving way). This, I knew, was the "something different" I was looking for.  

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