Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Time

In a few minutes I will be walking out the door to the "Real Girls Run" - my first race in about 6 years.  I use the word "race" only because this is what it is technically is, but for me there will be no "racing".  For me it's just a little 3.75 mile jog along the Rivanna River.  

Who am I kidding? It's so much more to me than "just a little jog" for me.  I am terrified. While I am starting to enjoy running, I am still NOT a runner.  And even though I am starting to enjoy running I actually loathe running with other people.  It's "only" 3.75 miles, which I realize really isn't that far - my BFF did a frickin' marathon last weekend and she's still alive - but she is a runner (and is absolutely amazing!) - and for me 3.75 miles might as well be a marathon - it will feel like that to me at least.  

Truth be told it is taking everything in me not to crawl back into bed right now - that and the fact that I've blogged and tweeted about doing this damn race to millions of people so there really isn't any turning back now.  On the other hand, the beauty of being an on-line writer is that most people don't even really know what you look like so maybe nobody would notice if I wasn't there?  They probably wouldn't notice, nor would anyone really care, except me, that is.  I guess it's time to face my fears. 

See you at the finish line!


  1. You're going to be great! Plug in your iPod if you don't want to interact. Alternately, find me and we'll run/walk together (or run or sprint or dance or hop). I'll do my best to distract you from what we're doing. :-)

  2. So proud that you went and did it! That is amazing and must have felt amazing at the finish! And I disagree and think many people would notice, lol! GO YOU!