Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I made an amazing discovery today...I have ribs!  

Ok, you're right, I do have a biology degree so I actually knew they were there somewhere all along protecting my lungs, but I hadn't seen them in years so I was having a hard time believing it.   But there they were today, poking out at me.

Ok, again, you're right.  "poking out" might be somewhat of an exaggeration, but when they've been covered under so much for so long, any view of them feels pretty major, so can we go with "almost poking out"? Please?

Wow - if I keep doing this exercise thing I may even find out I have hip bones.  I seem to remember seeing them back in the 90's - what are the chances they're still there? 


  1. Yay you!

    The day I feel my hip bones poking out again will be, well, I don't know what it will be, but I'm guessing there will be some celebrating. :-)

  2. Hip bones...gosh did I ever know they were there at all? I don't rightly now. You're doing great and should be seriously proud of yourself!!

  3. Ok - first - both of you girls are amazing with or without hip bones - so let that be known right now. Second, Jen - you're running I'm dizzy just thinking about the circles you are running around me and Third - Soccer Mom - I saw you in that wedding dress - W-O-W. So inspired by both of you for SO many reasons! Can't say how thankful I am that fate (and, dare I say fat?) brought us together!

  4. YOU GO GIRL! I am really proud of you!