Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So last time I wrote I was whining about how freaked out I was about the Real Girls Run.  I'm happy to report that I not only survived, but I felt pretty darn good about it.  Getting there wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

My stomach continued to churn the entire car ride there - so much so I was a little afraid I'd have to stop at McDonald's to hit the restroom and "accidentally" get swept up by an Egg McMuffin.  I treaded on, however, and was thankful that I did.

Fortunately I ran into a few friends immediately after arriving at the race. I was fine until I realized the iPod I had spent hours creating an amazing playlist on wasn't working.  I knew this was a possibility - it was, after all, a 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle (read: O-L-D) but I couldn't believe it was happening just a few minutes before the race started.  I'd never actually run without music before and was fairly sure it wasn't possible, so ran back to the car to grab my phone.  By the time I got there, however, the old iPod somehow started working (maybe because I stopped beating on it?) and I was saved.

A few minutes later we were off.  I felt surprisingly calm and comfortable at the beginning - a feeling which, miraculously, stayed with me for the entire race.  I did what most novice racers do - let my adrenalin get the best of me came out of the gates a little more quickly than I should have.  I was, however, able to handle the bulk of the race at an average of a 10-minute mile.  It's not a fast pace, but one that worked well for me at this point. 

Ironically, my shins, which have been the biggest hindrance to my running career,  didn't bother me one bit.  Even three days after the race they felt fine.  Thanks again adrenalin. 

I saw Court, the girls and my mom as I rounded the last corner.   When they came into view I attempted to sprint to the finish line.  My legs, however, weren't really on the same page as my brain, so I'm fairly certain I may have slowed down rather than sped up.  It was a pretty pathetic ending, but at least I made it.

My official time was 39:17.  Slow, but complete.  I was happy that I did it and actually felt good enough after to start thinking about signing up for a few more.   First up is the the Cale 5K Fun Run on October 30. M has been participating in the Running Club at school for the past month preparing it, so that's one we won't miss.  And then I think I may have committed to a Turkey Trot or something like that in Minnesota at Thanksgiving with that crazy marathon running friend of  mine. 

Wait....isn't is freakin' cold in Minnesota in November????


  1. Congratulations! 39.17 isn't slow, trust me! Great picture too.

  2. You ran such a great race! I was amazed by your speed and wished I were running that pace with you.

    Love the photo! We all look like goddesses! Would you be willing to email me a copy, please, pretty please?

  3. Of course I will e-mail you a copy! And there is no way I could do the distances you are doing right now. That's my next goal!

  4. If I can do those distances, you can too.