Thursday, August 12, 2010


I ramble a lot about Hyam and my entire experience at Clay Fitness + Nutrition (btw, that's the studio above in another fabulous photo by Jamie Reincke) but I haven't given you a lot of information about what it is that we do. I've omitted this information partially because I'm not even sure where to begin and partially because I doubt my words could accurately describe it all well enough.  To say "we do jacks on the Bosu" doesn't sound like much, but when you see us doing it - along with the other 100 other things we do in that hour - well, that's much different.

So when Hyam included this YouTube clip of her demonstrating the ropes in her latest newsletter I knew I had to post it here, too.  I think you will see several things in this video: 1) just one example of the varied things we do in class, which is one of the things that I love about it so much - it's always changing, 2) how these crazy ropes are used for exercise (they are heavier than they look and are torturous but I love them and, 3) why I'm so inspired by Hyam from the outside (which is, believe it or not, nothing compared to what she has on the inside!).

Also check out this video from a few months back when CBS19 evening anchor Dan Schutte, worked out with Hyam for his Make Dan Sweat segment. Dan is an avid exercise enthusiast (biking, running, skiing, ballroom dancing...) and he's in great shape, so Hyam gave him a real Clay Fitness workout just like we do in class. You can tell, and I think Dan would attest to, that it's not your average gym class! (Even Dan claimed to be sore for several days after!).

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