Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Little Support

It's nearly impossible for me not to shout out "Get a bra!" when I see a woman running down the road with her boobs flopping to the beat of her iPod.  Not only is she putting herself at risk of getting black eyes (okay, maybe not really) but she's setting herself up for big disappointment 10 years down the road.  You think they're saggy now, girlfriend, just wait and see what happens if you treat 'em like that for a few more years!

Maybe it makes me so crazy because the solution to the "flop-while-you-bop" is simple. Get yourself a good, supportive sports bra, ladies! I realize they aren't sexy - and some are downright ugly - but here's how I see it.

  • They are a heck of a lot sexier than boobs at your belly button.  
  • Most of us don't look all that sexy while working out anyway (sorry, it's true).
  • The sexy part comes later when you have the toned arms, abs of steel, tight glutes and...boobs that line up fairly close* to where they're supposed to be!  

I will admit that there are a few exceptions to the rule.  My friends with boob jobs claim to not need a bra because, quite frankly, those things aren't going anywhere. If this is you then consider yourself lucky and feel free to move on to my next post.  But for most of us - from A to Z - a good sports bra is an essential component of a workout.  Really. 

So you don't think that I'm just giving out my opinion here (which I pretty much am) I did a little research (aka Google Search) on why women need to wear sports bras. I'll be the first to admit that these are not necessarily scientific resources, but you get the basic picture.  Your boobs and the structures that support them simply weren't designed with bouncing in mind. Plus you may even learn something

Just in case you were's my 100% unsolicited, unpaid review of a few great sports bras on the market right now.  Got a favorite?  Share it with us in the Comments section.  And if you'd rather have an "expert" opinion check out this Fitness Magazine

Super Support 
I started college in a "Barely B" - seriously. The fact that I'm a DD now kind of breaks my heart so, despite my apparent need for encapsulation when I pick out a sports bra compression is as important to me as suport. The Moving Comfort Juno bra (seen at left) gives me both of these while somehow almost eliminating the "uniboob". Even supports me through jacks on the Bosu and hopping over hurdles! 

Small and Sexy
I don't know stats on bra sizes (though apparently we all wear the wrong one) but I'm guessing most of you aren't DD's. Lucky you - your choices are unlimited!  Take this Alexis Bra, for instance, how cute is that?  And, according to Moving Comfort, it's not only their most popular A/B cup bra, it "offers high-impact and optimum contour for shape". Can't beat that! 
Sassy Support
And how about this gorgeous "Ready to Run" bra from Athleta? I could surely be "ready" but I certainly couldn't "run" in skinny straps like that - so appreciate what you have (or don't have) my little friends! They now also make a tank version of this that is beautiful (and btw, the one seen at right is on sale right now!). Girls like me dream about wearing these, ladies.  Seriously.

Somewhat Sexy Support
Ok, I know I claimed I didn't need to be sexy while working out, but I am a girl, afterall, and it wouldn't hurt to try.  And looking good = feeling good, so why not add a little lace to my workout? With a name like  Ta Ta Tamer and colors like lolo purple (seen left), senorita pink and angel blue it's hard to resist.   Plus, as much as I love lululemon this is about the only item of theirs I can fit into right now.

(*Let's be real, after two kids and 30 years of weight loss/gain - mine will never be where they're supposed to be without a little surgical help!)


  1. Couldn't agree more - I am passionate about a good bra. As a runner with DD girls, I need industrial strength. Moving Comfort has awesome bras - my favorite it the "Fiona". It has adjustable velcro straps that enables you to hoist those girls high and tight! No bounce.

  2. Ironically I just bought the Fiona at Ragged Mountain last week - it just might be my new fave. Gotta love a company that is as true to it's name as Moving Comfort!

  3. Hi Amy!
    Just found your blog and have loved reading your posts.
    You are inspiring me; and as soon as I get financially balanced (soon I hope) I would love to join Clay.

  4. So glad you found the blog Anita! You will love Hyam at Clay. Hoping to see you there (or somewhere else!) soon!