Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Little Help, Please

I probably should have realized how intense Thursday's workout was when my heart rate monitor reported that I'd worked off nearly 600 calories.  Actually, I should have realized it because I was there and I was tired, sweaty, red-faced and exhilarated afterward, but somehow it still didn't register. Even when the Spicy Chicken asked "Are you sore from your workout?" as I gimped down the steps last night I STILL didn't get it.  

I was forced, however, to accept the fact that Hyam, once again kicked my ass, when I attempted to change out of my sports bra yesterday evening - about 36 hours after the workout -  and had to ask the Spicy Chicken for help getting out of it.  I was seriously stuck

Poor guy probably thought he was going to get lucky when I cried "Can I get your help in the bedroom, please?" Only to find me -  one boob half hanging out, the other smushed inside a very unsexy sports bra (the Ta Ta Tamer was in the wash), wincing in pain and pleading for assistance.   

He did, however, help me out (literally) and I have to admit that while I hate having to ask for help with anything I do love being sore, so it was worth having to swallow my pride. 

Just this once.


  1. Love it! You are so down to earth and crack me up! You innspire me to get out there and exercise. Go Girl, the payback will be priceless! Love, C .?

  2. You seriously have me sitting in a chair laughing out loud with my girls asking me "Mom, what is so funny?" Someday they'll get it. Right now they just think I am crazy. I love your blog. You crack me up. It is like we are driving down the road in your convertible cracking each other up just like 20 years ago.

    Love you!

  3. Amy! This is sooo darn funny! I have been stuck in that same situation, looking like such a misfit trying to pull off this tight, god-forsaken, sport bra. Love hearing about your journey- I am now 3 weeks into my own "Jenny Craig" program and things are going well. Hoping to feel good in my skin again! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Take Care! Jeni