Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating Emotions

Warning:  I'm not my usual sarcastic, witty self tonight.  I'm sad and don't feel like pretending I'm not.  So if you choose to read this just know it won't make you laugh.  I'll be back, though, don't worry.

Why am I so grumpy? Because our dog got lost today and we still haven't found her.  Her name is Miley and though she's not the smartest dog out there, she's adorable, faithful and sweet as can be.  I'm sad, angry and afraid for her.  I know she's just a dog, but I'm a Vigness and to us there is no such thing as "just a dog".  (If you've met my dad you understand this).  

So why am I writing about this here, in my weight loss blog? Because I allowed my emotions to take over my food choices and opted for a high-calorie, fat-full dinner at a mexican restaurant instead of the healthy baked chicken we were planning on.  The correlation?  I have no clue, except for this is what I do when I'm stressed - I eat.  Then of course I feel horrible afterward and the cycle continues.  

I'm going to break the cycle this time, though.  I screwed up tonight and ate through my feelings.  Tonight is going to be hard because the Spicy Chicken is out of town and Miley sleeps next to me, but tomorrow I will wake up and get back on track.  I will eat my healthy yogurt, fresh fruit and whey powder for breakfast.  Then I will spend a few hours searching for Miley on foot (she ran off after a deer while off leash biking with the Spicy Chicken in the woods), head to Clay for the first day of my new program, throw down a healthy lunch and then head back out to search for her again. 

'll find her and I will be healthy at the same time.  Tomorrow.


  1. oh amy :( i'm so sorry you have to worry about her tonight!! she will be back soon.

  2. I'm sorry that you are so stressed. Hopefully, you'll find her soon.

    You have a good plan for today, so don't fret too much about yesterday.

    Good luck.

  3. i hope miley is back already.
    one mexican meal does not negate all your hard work. it's ok.

  4. You are amazingly strong and such a hard worker. You inspire us all. One Mexican dinner just makes you real. You are different now b/c you know how to get back on track and you will. I'm sick over Miley for you. She'll be home.

  5. What a sweet little puppy face! Dogs do have an amazing ability to find their way home. Hope Miley shows up soon. And don't beat yourself up too much, we all capitulate to wanting some comfort food when we go through traumatic events. One meal does not a lifestyle make! Hugs, K

  6. Oh Amy....I am hoping and praying that Miley is somewhere safe and will find her way back to you soon. Sending a hug.