Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ice Cold Milk and...

...and an Oreo Cookie.... Which  I just ate like 5 of!  Ugh!  What was I thinking?  Where did they even come from? I don't know how they got here, but there they were -on the counter taunting me "Eat us...we're so sweet and yummy and delicious..."

How can something so completely artificial taste so good? Ok, maybe the word "good" is giving a bit too much credit to the little chocolate demons, but when you have a sweet tooth like mine and you're trying to eliminate stuff like this you can get pretty desperate - and who can argue with childhood memories? 

But it's such a complete waste of calories that I was so fully overcome with guilt shoving them in my mouth that I didn't even enjoy them!  Usually I'm of the thought that if you're going to blow it on something sugar-laden and calorie packed you should go all out - eat the real deal - like a cupcake from Cappellinos or an amazing cookie from my friend Kelly's new cookie company.  You enjoy it thoroughly and then get right back on track (and tell Hyam so she makes you pay for it the next day in class!). You DO NOT waste those calories on fake, processed, junk! 

But I did it, didn't I?  And yes, I'm feeling completely remorseful (not to mention a little queasy) afterward.  Damn Oreos.  

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  1. I think Oreos really have some sort of mystical power. I can't resistant them either!