Friday, July 16, 2010

Renewal: Part 2

I had dinner (it was healthy, I promise - the Summer Solstice Salad from Beer Run - spinach, apples, beets and maybe a little goat cheese) the other night with two women I met via the Twitter.  I know it sounds creepy, but it isn't, I promise.

As owner/writer/editor of a website that does it's business almost completely on-line social media - namely Twitter and Facebook - are an integral part of my livelihood.  So much so that I even do a segment on the local news called C'ville Plugged In about it!  So it doesn't surprised me that I am continually meeting people that I "know" on-line but have never truly met in person.  I have, however,  been surprised (and pleased!) by how many of these people have become not only business connections, but true friends.  

For four hours this evening Terry, Bobbi (who had just met both Terry and I in person for the first time that night!) and I slowed our conversation only when our laughter prohibited us from speaking in full sentences. I left the restaurant several hours later than I had anticipated but despite the fact that it was "past my bedtime," I left feeling completely renewed and refreshed.  Ironically, Terry was thinking the same thing - and she wrote a fabulous post on her blog Scribblings of a Soccer Mom about it.  (FYI - she's a fabulous writer - so don't be afraid to scroll down and read what else she has to say). 


  1. Aw, sounds like I great night! I LOVE Beer Run. Any chance for a return visit sometime this summer? :) :) I've enjoyed reading your blog posts, they're inspiring me to run (even when it's humid as HECK out LOL)

  2. Well, I supposed I could go back to Beer Run if I HAD to...Ironically I was thinking about you when I was there! Next time I need your beer expertise to guide me, too. Anything dark, thick delicious AND low cal????

  3. HI Amy! I love this new blog. I am on a similar journey but including surgery and I've thought about blogging about it but not such a good writer. I would love to join you 3 for a night sometime. I need friends I can depend on for understanding when I can't indulge anymore like I've done in the past.

    You go girl! I admire your commitment and look forward to reading more.

  4. Barbara - I feel confident in speaking for the others that we'd be thrilled and honored to have you join us! And PLEASE let me know if I can do anything to help pre or post surgery.

  5. Barbara, Amy and Libby, I'm always up for a return trip to Beer Run too. I'm glad you had such a great time too, Amy! It was so much fun & I truly believe we need girlfriends to be completely happy in our insane lives--if in that they understand what we're going through AND give us the encouragement to get moving!