Saturday, June 19, 2010

That's My Girl

So the scheduling issues have continued but we’re working our way through them by being creative.  Thursday, for example, the girls came to class with me.  Sounds crazy, but they actually really enjoyed watching (so much so they begged to come with me this morning!)

Due to my own weight issues I’ve spent more time than the average mom attempting to ensure my girls have a healthy body image.  I’ll admit it’s probably been overkill, but I want so badly for them to not have to deal with what I have.  It was revealed to me a few weeks ago, when Maggie confided in me that a girl in school had called her fat (which she isn't, btw), that my messages - no matter how insane I may sound - are actually getting through to them.  

After we talked about it a little she walked away and hopped in the shower.  A few moments later, however, she stuck her head out and said “Being happy, healthy and a good person is more important than being skinny, Mom.”  I almost cried!

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