Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summa – summa – summa-time

It occurred to me this week – after summer had started – that it’s going to get a little more complicated to accomplish everything.  I’m used to having my days to myself  - every one of them containing a workout or run, plus a 30-45 minute walk with the dogs.  So, guess what I am having to do to get this done?  Get up EARLY!  Initially even the thought of this was unbearable to me.  I love sleeping – and now that I’m exercising consistently and eating well I’m actually doing it (sleeping, that is) so the thought of having to get up earlier didn’t make me happy.

But then I remembered something Hyam had said to me somewhere along the way about  "needing to figure out how much I wanted to commit to this".  If I wanted to only give 50%, drink beers every Friday night and come up with excuses not to workout I could do that, but...I wasn’t going to get results

Wait…you mean I have to actually try at this??? I have to admit, most of my life things have come pretty easy for me.  When I was "thin and beautiful" in my teens and 20’s I didn’t actually work at it very hard.  When I ate I didn’t eat very well – when I drank I drank a lot  - and when I exercised I usually just did it for fun – not necessarily for fitness.  So this whole effort thing is kind of throwing me for a loop.  But it’s why I started this in the first place so it’s probably time it infiltrated my entire life – not just the 55 minutes I’m in class.

So, I pulled my sorry butt out of bed the next morning at 6AM to take the dogs for a run.  It wasn't easy and I may have whined a little, but here's the cool part -  at 7:00, when the girls got up, I was already done with my cardio for that day – BEFORE  7AM! – and I felt awesome! And as an added bonus the dogs, who have been spending a lot of time at home alone since summer started, were a lot happier too!


  1. early AM is the best time...then you don't dread having to exercise and like you said you were ready to devote yourself fully to your day...

    you'll learn to love the AM

  2. I am with you on this one. Just know when you are hitting the road running at 6:00 I am at the gym for the 6AM workout as well. I have decided to look into endurance training for running too. I have a thousand and one excuses as to why I hate running and it hates me but I am ready to commit. I think by the way, this jump into a new routine is your fault:)

  3. I am a bad influence - you should've learned that by now! And I have to admit, I hate running, too, but it's the easiest - no equipment necessary - thing to do! Thanks for tuning in!