Thursday, April 25, 2013


By 9 o'clock last night I was hopping around on one foot because the pain in my ankle was bordering on unbearable.  If anything so much as touched it I winced. After four ibuprofen, a large bag of ice numbing my propped up foot,  Modern Family on the television and my two girls waiting on me hand and foot (literally) I started to think I could get used to this it was much worse than I had initially thought.

When I woke up this morning the bruising was up but the swelling and pain were down significantly.  Regardless, I decided that attempting to pound my way through a boxing class was probably not in my best interest so I cancelled with Laura in lieu of a trip to the doctor. I'm sure it's not broken, but I damaged it somehow and figure I should probably get it figured out before I spend the entire day traipsing through Williamsburg on the Woodbrook Elementary Fifth Grade Field Trip (and no, contrary to popular belief, I did NOT 'conveniently' sprain my ankle two days before a trip on a bus with 50 screaming 11-year-olds). 

While I was laying in bed last night I started to feel angry about this possible setback. I had really just started to feel I was back in the workout groove and had finally gotten over the weight loss plateau (eight pounds in the past few weeks!). And now this?  I know, I know, I'm being overly dramatic. After watching Kevin Ware's broken leg and incredible reaction to it a million times during March Madness how could I possibly be feeling sorry for myself with a silly sprained ankle? I don't know, but the fact of the matter is, I was.  Then I remembered the Facebook post that Laura had posted, ironically, yesterday.  I loved it so much I immediately wrote to her asking if she would be willing to be a Guest Blogger on Finding Amy...Again so that all of you could feel as inspired by her as I (and so many others) do.  Thankfully she said yes, so instead of my whining you can all hear her beautiful words today instead! here (she deserves her own post, don't you think?) 


  1. Wish I had some words of wisdom here, but after surgery on Jan. 4th I'm still not OK...ankle was swollen again yesterday. I don't know what to do ... but I'm losing it lately. It's all piling up and I'm about to just throw in the towel all together.

  2. Oh Terry, I'm so sorry you are still having issues! I am in no position to whine - mine isn't that bad, but it is frustrating. My mom always says "this too shall pass" and she's right, but I'm not a very patient person so I often have a hard time waiting for it to pass. Laura told me this morning that she has a client who just had knee surgery who did a kick butt work upper body workout without even leaving the chair I feel like a wimp!
    Don't give up hope - it will get better. If you ever need support you know I'm here for you!

  3. The line “this too shall pass” applies to good and bad things, but sickness is another story. You can’t just wait for it to pass without really doing anything. Therefore, it’s a good thing that you’re not very patient for it to just “pass”. The only waiting you need to do in case of sickness and injuries is after a certain treatment or medication is done, and you're waiting for it to take effect. Take care!

    Javier Parrales @ U.S. HealthWorks