Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who Is That?

I caught a glimpse of myself in the window as I was walking in to pick up the girls at school yesterday. I hardly recognized the woman staring back at me.  Actually, that's not true.  I recognized her all too well.  She looked entirely too much like somebody that I used to know (and no, I do not mean she resembled the sexy skinny chic that sings in that Gotye song).

I'd like to say I have no idea how this happened, but I'd be lying.  I know exactly how it happened.  After the Ten-Miler I was injured, burned out and busy.  I limited my running days to keep up with my life and my psyche.  Once I got the stress fracture diagnosis I slowed it down even more.  While taking time for recovery after an injury is certainly necessary, I took it a little too far - skipping classes, turning my runs in to walks and coming up with a million and one excuses ("moving all those boxes was a lot of work" - "I got my exercise today just going up and down the stairs a million times unpacking" - etc).  

The downfall of my healthy diet followed neatly behind my slacking exercise regimen.  While I didn't start hitting fast food drive thrus on a daily basis or anything, I did stop paying attention to what I was putting in my mouth.  You know how it is - a half a cookie here, a few Cheez-its there, just one more piece of pizza...

I haven't stepped on the scale yet.  I don't have to because I can tell from the way my clothes don't fit.  I'm not back to where I was before, but I will be soon if I don't get out of this rut.  Isn't it interesting how you it takes so long to get in shape but so little to get out of it?

Tomorrow is Friday.  If there's anything that can get me back into the groove it's one of Sandy's Outdoor Athletic Training classes.  McIntire Park - here I come! 


  1. You're so motivated that I suspect any weight you did gain will soon be burned off.

    If you ever want to power walk with me, I'll meet you anywhere!

  2. Thanks, Jen. I could definitely use a little bit of your positive energy right now. I'd love to power walk with you!

  3. I was thinking: I don't remember writing this, but it sounds an awful lot like me. It's OK to wander off briefly, you know the way back.

  4. You're totally right, Molly, I do know my way back and I will find it. Thank you for your support. You and Jen are such inspirations to me!