Saturday, February 11, 2012

Viva Mexico

To say that this today's Athletic Training class was difficult would be an understatement. But slowly, after 5 days of poolside butt-sitting, too much tequila and nachos - so many plates of nachos - my body is starting to come back to life. 

The Spicy Chicken and I were fortunate to spend a few days in Mexico celebrating the 40th birthday of great friend of ours this past week.  If you know anything about the two of us you know that while we definitely work hard, we play even harder.  And after the difficulties of the past few weeks we were more than ready to play.  

While I'd start the day with plates of amazing fresh fruit and made-to-order egg-white omelets, the accompanying mimosas and bloody mary's quickly mitigated any of the earlier healthiness.   I'll be honest and say that my training went dry after I sweated out a few margaritas on the treadmill Day Two (4.0 miles in 45 minutes). However,  I'm fairly certain we worked off at least 1000 calories on the dance floor (we were literally wet from head to toe in sweat!), and though the week was devoid of any crunches, my abs were literally sore from the constant laughter.  Fun doesn't even begin to describe our week. 

So where do I go from here - after hitting it hard for several weeks and then completely plummeting to a lazy alcoholic stupor for several days? As always, I head back to Clay for a kick-ass work out from Hyam.  If there was one thing I needed today it was that and Hyam, of course, delivered.  It'd be easy to continue to let things slide but I actually couldn't wait to get back into things (and Hyam's text "want to see you" text last night didn't hurt either!).  That's the thing about your body (and Hyam!) - they are always ready and waiting for you to take care of it.

The Ten-Miler is going to be here before I know it so I'm pulling my running shoes back on and hitting the pavement tomorrow.  See you on the Rivanna!  

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