Saturday, February 25, 2012


Got your attention, didn't I? And though much to the dismay of my male readers there won't be any skin showing here, but I am actually going to talk about boobs today.  Well, sort of. 

A few weeks ago at cycling I walked in on one of my classmates having a conversation with Hyam about what she was wearing.  It was an adorable tank top from lululemon that she had received when Hyam was asked to be an Ambassador.  While it was a really cute top and looked incredible on her, it definitely was not something she was used to wearing.  This woman, in spite of her long, thin, beautiful body usually works out in a baggy t-shirt.  Now I, of all people, am not knocking the baggy t-shirt or the fact that she wears one as I don mine as often as possible, I'm just stating a fact to prove a point so keep reading okay? 

Their conversation led to our open adoration of another classmate who was recently introduced to the world of beautiful (and often pretty sexy) lululemon workout wear.  Like typical women we commented on how incredible she looked in said clothing and the fact that she's blessed because not only is she tall and thin (which comes somewhat naturally but also from working out like a mad woman) she also has an incredible rack. Yep, we actually said rack.  And trust me, it was meant as a high compliment.  She's beautiful and she's got great boobs.  And though she sounds like the kind of woman you want to hate - she happens to be beautiful on the inside, too.  Really.

I recalled that in college I whined about my "Barely B's" and how I couldn't wear some of the things my "Sexy C" friends could.  Oh how I wished for boobs to fill out that strapless dress I was wearing to formal (yes, I thought of that as a major issue in my life at the time).  Now, however, I'm consumed by "important" things like whether or not soccer practice will be canceled tonight and I'm thoroughly disgusted with the DD's I acquired as my weight increased. I long for the days of wearing inexpensive bras from Target and a single sports bra for high-impact exercises.  And, of course, to be able to even think about wearing a strapless dress. 

My long, tall friend in the sexy tank top commented that this is, unfortunately, something that plagues most women she knows.  No matter what we look like most of us ever seem satisfied with it.  A woman with gorgeous, naturally curly hair wishes for smooth, straight locks - a woman with the long legs desires to shop in the petite section - the woman I am at 38 desires the boobs of the girl I was at 20.  The grass is always greener, isn't it?

Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting to improve your health, strength, self-esteem, etc. - that's a big part of what this blog is based on.  But I'd also love to see more of us accepting - and loving - who we are - which is the other half of what I'm striving for in this journey I continue to take.

In doing research for this blog post I came across what lululemon calls their "manifesto"  which I've posted below. I found these words very inspiring so I thought I'd share it (you can find the text and pdf versions at  It's hard sometimes on this journey to not of focus on the physical (and therefore more tangible) aspect of what's happening, but rather on what is truly important - what's happening inside.  So as I continue to move forward I am going to "Breathe Deeply - Dance, Sing, Floss & Travel" and I'm going to focus on loving the person I am, regardless of my bra size.

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