Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh No I Didn't

Oh yes I did!  
I not only ordered, but actually drank a entire 
Starbucks Grande Caramel Frappuccino

WTH was I thinking???

So here's how it happened. I started the day with eggs, whole wheat toast and a small glass of orange juice.  I've found that kicking off the day with a fair amount of protein keeps me going all morning and is helpful on days when I have a substantial workout planned (today is a "Long Run" day).  We usually load our eggs up with veggies but we were running late and low on options (today is also Whole Foods day) so they were pretty naked.

For some reason (lack of veggies?) around 11 o'clock I was dragging so I popped in to Starbucks for a cup of coffee.  I still had a few errands to run before heading home for lunch so thought a little caffeine wouldn't hurt - especially with that Long Run ahead of me.  I don't do Starbucks often, but when I do I usually just have Tall Skinny Latte (I did live in Seattle for four years). However, when I got to the front of the line what came out of my mouth was

"Could I have a Grande Caramel Frappucino please?"  

Before I knew it I handed over an exorbitant amount of money and was walking out with a cup full of sugar, coffee and ice, topped with...whipped cream!!

I honestly have never ordered one of these things before because not only I am fully aware of how many calories and fat grams just one of them contains (410 and 15, respectively), but I've always assumed they'd taste so damn sweet and wonderful that the sugar addict in me would want more. (Avoidance isn't always a bad tactic).  But today some section of my brain - the sabotage section maybe? - jumped in and took over. And there it was, in my hand.  What else could I do besides drink it?

So, here it is in writing.  I f'd up. What do I do now?

I forgive myself and get right back on track, that's what I do.  I eat the nutrient-packed tuna, spinach and red pepper salad I had planned for lunch and enjoy how good healthy can taste.  I head out on my run this afternoon and push myself a little harder than I might have had I not overindulged this morning.  And...I stay far, far away from Starbucks!


  1. I have done excellent all week. Planned all of our meals and gave up my afternoon mochas. Yesterday I came home to two boys who were so excited they couldn't contain themselves. Why? Because they had bought me a gluten free cupcake at Trailside Coffee. This was the first time they had them there and my boys had to get one for their mom. I ate it in a matter of seconds. This story would not be horrible if it ended there. BUT I went by Trailside on my way home from taking the boys to karate because I wanted to know where they got their GF cupcakes. Big mistake. I bought two more of them and came home and ate one. So, before I hade any dinner last night I ate TWO cupcakes. However, I recovered just the same. I elected to eat a GF frozen dinner that only had 140 calories. It was close to awful (my first time eating this particular one) but I was trying to offset my splurge.
    Good job recovering! I'm sure you deserved the treat so don't be hard on yourself!

  2. Two cupcakes does not a disaster make, GG. I'm so proud of how seriously you are taking your health. Don't buy that GF frozen dinner next time - a whole dinner of only 140 calories would be tough to swallow even if it did have gluten in it!

  3. PS Have you seen my neighbor's blog She's absolutely amazing and does all kinds of gf baked goods. She's coming out with a cookbook soon too!

  4. You got it, you drank it. I hope you at least enjoyed it. Occasional food splurges are okay, provided you do it every day. Just focus on the big picture -- eating healthy foods -- and don't sweat occasional mis-steps. :-)

  5. You've got the right attitude. It was one day, one misstep, it's mot the end of the world.