Monday, December 13, 2010

Friendship Buffet

I saw the term "friendship buffet" on the front of a magazine the other day and decided I was going to adopt it as my theme for the holidays. 

Since so much of the holiday season centers around eating and drinking - two things I am trying to control - I've been a little apprehensive about how I was going to deal with all of it.  A "friendship buffet" seemed like the perfect solution.  Instead of indulging on cookies and cocktails at get-togethers this month I will focus on filling myself up with my friends.  

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, our lives get in the way of the things that are most important to us.  After a difficult week that left me feeling pretty low I was fortunate to be able to spend time with several of my really good friends over the weekend.  Though we've all been extremely busy lately we carved out a little time to share with one another.  It was exactly what I needed - and I ended the week feeling fabulous. 

In class sometimes Hyam talks about the exercise "filling up your tank" rather than depleting it.  I love that analogy, and think it can be transferred over to so many aspects of our lives.  The holidays sometimes become so full of hustle and bustle that they leave us feeling stressed, tired and drained. But that is the antithesis of what it's really supposed to be about - it's supposed to lift us up - make us feel incredible.  So that is what I'm going to focus on.

That is also my challenge to you.  Find a way to fill up your buffet with friendship, love and laughter this holiday season.  Include a few cookies and cocktails along the way, but focus on the blessings that you have - and on being one to those around you.  It will leave you full in a whole new way - and you won't even have to unbutton your pants to enjoy it!


  1. I like the term! I just need to find some ways to enjoy them...perhaps tomorrow night at BWRT

  2. Tonight at BWRT we will definitely enjoy! Looking forward to seeing you and many of my other buffet-worthy friends!

  3. Yes! A collection of many of my favorite ladies!!

  4. Thank you! I will fill my friendship buffet too....I LOVE this post. In fact, I need to do this year round to keep my soul replenished! I love having our blogs to connect. Grateful for you! Happy Holidays! big hug for a new year of happiness.

  5. Jenny - a very good thought to remember to do this year round - NOT just at the holidays! We are blessed with friendships from many, many years ago (like ours!) and new ones that surround us - it's so important to nourish them - and ourselves!

    Happy New Year!!