Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Right Now

I started writing a post about how I missed class Monday (which I will be making up on Friday) due to work and how I'm struggling to find balance...blah - blah - blah

I changed my mind on posting it, however, because one of my goals for this blog was to be real and honest.  While that post was both of those things, it's not how I'm feeling right now.  Right now I'm grumpy, frustrated and in pain because in the middle of a great workout this morning I f'd up my hip flexor again.  I hoped maybe it was just a little twinge, but by the time we were done I was in a lot of pain and I knew it wasn't good. 

Don't feel too sorry for me - it's nothing that a lot of ice and a little rest won't fix. It does, however, really piss me off because I feel like every time I get momentum I end up hurting something and it pushes me back down. I know that what I need to do - have to do - is just jump back up again, but sometimes it's okay to just sit and pout, right?  Okay, maybe not.

It's actually been awhile since I've had an injury, so I probably should've expected this would happen, but it doesn't come at a welcome time.  The holidays are around the corner and exercise such a key stress reducer for me, not to mention all the necessary calorie burning (egg nog, anyone?). And I'm heading home to White Bear in less than two weeks.  I was kind of hoping to drop a few extra lbs before then.  Silly, I know, but true.

I also came to the conclusion this week that my body is just not ready for the 10K I was planning on doing on Thanksgiving Day.  I'll still be running that morning, but only a 5K.  M, my dad are going to run/walk it.  My BFF (the beautiful, skinny marathoner!) and her family are joining in and so is another childhood friend, so it will be  a blast.  But I still can't tell you how much I hate that I had to back off one of my goals.   


  1. PS This super cute retro ice bag is from Gal-Pal - they also make the cool garment deodorant remover and Everything Tape. Why didn't I think of that???

  2. I hear ya....just had a set back myself with a trip to Napa. Gained 4 lbs ....right after I had lost 11 which took 2 months. Ugh. So, I am trying to get back on track, but there is Halloween candy in my house. I too am going to be in MN for Thanksgiving and am thinking about how I am going to keep some semblence of balance. Maybe I should do that 5K just for kicks! Hang in there....take it one day at a time. I will too. Take Care!

  3. This must be an off-week for a bunch of us C'ville folks, because I know of several people who are struggling with injuries and the related frustration.

    I think it's wise not to push yourself do to the 10K if you don't feel ready for it. In my quest to prepare for a half marathon, I pushed too hard and now have an Achilles injury that's forcing me to not run or even walk. I hate it, but the only thing I can do is rest and heal. It also means I won't hit some of my goals.

    Hang in there. Heal. Rest. Recover. You'll be able to run a 10K soon enough.

  4. You should join us - it's in WBL - called the Fast Before the Feast!
    One day at a time is really good advice. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. And like Shea just said to me - 6 months ago I wouldn't have been doing anything at all - I'm 5K ahead of that for sure!
    And, btw, checked out some of your Napa pics and you look FABULOUS!

  5. You are forgetting the up side which is that you totally know how to maintain and not fall back! We get so caught up in making sure that we are losing we sometimes forget the overall health impact we are making. Some days I am frustrated because I don't feel the needle moving on how my clothes are fitting. But when I try to be rational about it, I realize that I feel so much better anyway. I am sleeping better. I am eating better too. So overall, I am improving my health with my good food choices (which you can make injured or not), and even if it's a good walk with the dog, something to get your heart rate up will do you some good. It takes constant reminders not to get down so this was a good post. Everyone gets frustrated. Focus on how far you've come and that your healthy body will heal quicker than if you weren't as healthy and strong!

  6. Silly girl, don't be so hard on yourself! I thought I was hard on myself but you've got me beat :) :) You're doing so great, baby steps baby steps. Sometimes you have kick ass days and those help when you have a day where your body just won't cooperate. I'm so proud of all that you're doing, it keeps me motivated....but remember REST and SLEEP can help you lose weight too if you get enough xoxoxo

  7. Two words - maybe a few more - I mean it's me! Foam Roller!!!! Before and most importantly AFTER activity - if you can warm up for 5 min (TM light jog or walk - or even hot shower and then foam roll for maybe 3-5 min) before (if can't warm up then I'd probably skip) and then spend a good 5-10 after it will improve a lot faster... of 'course ice is good too while it's still acute, then I usually find heat works better. I can always meet you on a sat in the clinic too.... some soft tissue work and ther. ex. are always a good thing.

  8. How awesome is it to have my own personal physical therapist to get me through this stuff??? Thanks, Chrissy! Tough whining is much easier than taking care of myself I am definitely going to take your advice, as feeling better IS the goal!