Sunday, October 20, 2013


Last weekend the girls and I were lucky enough to take part in the Red Shoe Cville 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off.  Yep, you read that right, I took part in a competition that involved cooking!  While it may be true that I was only invited because the Spicy Chicken wasn’t able to make it, I took my responsibilities quite seriously. I even made chicken masks - check it out.

I actually did take this honor more seriously than you'd think.  While I'm not exactly known for my cooking abilities, KK and the Spicy Chicken were the 2012 RETURNING CHAMPIONS (as you can see from the awesome banner below!) - the Team Spicy Chicken reputation was on the line! That being said, even my friend Brooke, the mastermind behind Red Shoe Cville and subsequent cook-off, wasn't expecting much from me, as evidenced by her eleventh hour text stating “we have lots of other people cooking, it’s okay if you don’t”.  With the girls’ help, however, I was up for the challenge. 

While I'm sorry to say we weren’t able to bring the title home for the second year, I don’t think any of us were that disappointed.  The three of us were able to have a lot of fun cooking together (something they rarely do with me), have a great time with friends, and help raise over $3000 for a really incredible organization – the Ronald McDonald House.  

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  1. You are so funny, Amy. I'm glad you're posting again! Looking forward to more!