Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet Sam

This is Sam, also known as "Toucan Sam".  From his profile shot you can see why someone a the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA (CASPCA) gave him that name - he's got quite the schnoz.  At our house, however, he's just known as Sam...or Sammy...or Sammy Boy...or Sweet Sammy...

Who is Sam?
Sam is our current foster dog from the CASPCA.  He's been with us for less than 72 hours but you'd think he'd been here is his whole life.  He's that comfortable already.

Sam is the 4th foster dog we've had in the past two years. And yes, it's always super hard to give them back when their time with us is up and no, it does not easier.  More than anything, however, it is worth it because we know in our hearts that the time spent with our family helped that dog not just during the time he/she was with us, but after returning to the shelter, as well (so far we have a 100% adoption-within- 24-hours-of-return rate).

We don't know much about Sam's life before he came to the CASPCA but it's pretty obvious he had a rough go.  In addition to the large bump on his nose (that we assume is calcification from previously broken bones), one of his legs is a little shorter than the other (the result of a break that didn't heal properly) and he recently had a toe amputated (again due to prior injury).  Don't feel sorry for Sam though.  He doesn't let any of those things slow him down.  He's completely healthy, full of energy and he runs, jumps, skips and hops as well as any other kangaroo...I mean, dog.  

So, what is Sam like?
All kidding aside, this dog is awesome. I'm pretty sure that if you looked up "Alpha Dog" in a thesaurus (or on thesaurus.com - nobody uses books anymore, right?) "Scout" would be listed as a synonym for "Alpha Dog". Sam, on the other hand, would the first on the list of antonyms. There is not one alpha bone in this dog's body.  This has proven quite beneficial for both dogs this week, as Scout gets to flex his muscles every once and awhile and Sam gets to think Scout is playing with him.  Eventually Scout snaps loud enough that Sam rolls over on his back in complete submission and the game is over. Don't tell Sam that though, he thinks it's just getting started.  

Adopt Sam

Sam will be with us for two weeks before heading back to the CASPCA.  Due to his injuries he's been there for quite awhile healing and just needed a little "vacation" from shelter life.  During his time with us he is still able to be adopted so if you're looking for a sweet, loving, affectionate, active-but-not-too-active dog to be your best friend - come meet Sammy.  He just might be the one!   

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