Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Smooth

I've written before about how Tracey of EAT! with Tracey instilled a love for smoothies in me last summer.  They've become a mainstay in our household since then for several reasons - the most important for me being that the kids will actually eat - and enjoy - them!  I can throw all kinds of healthiness into them and as long as they don't look or smell disgusting they drink them down like they're the best thing ever.  And really, they are.  I load them up with vitamin-packed blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, bananas and spinach - throw in some greek yogurt for smoothness - toss in a wheatgrass cube, flax seed or omega-3 oil (the girls don't even notice the flavored) and they're off to school powered by pure nutrition!

They haven't yet, however, embraced the more green smoothies that I make for myself.  So that we don't waste anything I add in the extra green-ness after I pour theirs.  Here's a favorite, sweet version I make quite often that the girls will drink, too.  

The basic ingredients are frozen wheatgrass cubes, greek yogurt (I used vanilla this time because it's what we had but usually use plain and add coconut water to sweeten instead), kale, frozen strawberries, banana, and spinach. 

I like buying spinach in this form because it usually lasts longer and the amount is perfect for a couple of smoothies and a few spinach salads.  Kale, on the other hand, I prefer to buy loose leaf because I never seem to use the container size fast enough. Hard as I've tried, I don't really like kale for anything other than smoothies and kale chips.  

 I use frozen berries during the fall, winter and beginning of spring because they're cheaper. I don't measure - just add in a handful or so. The banana definitely adds a little sweetness and cut the bitterness of the kale.

These are expensive but a really easy way to add nutrition. 

The final product.  
It's so simple to just throw everything in the blender with a little water to help liquefy and let it go.  Because I use frozen berries I usually don't even add ice. I drink this for breakfast or lunch and sometimes even for dinner. When I know I have a big workout at Clay that day I add protein powder and/or omega 3.  Another really easy thing to add in for nutrition is flax seed.  


  1. LOVE this post. Thank you for making it look easy and accessible.

    1. Jennifer - I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It really is accessible and has been a great way for me to add some much needed nutrients to my diet. Toss in a spinach salad at lunch and some type of vegetable at dinner and we're getting pretty close to all those servings of veggies and fruit we need. I know you're on the run a lot so this is great - totally portable in a water bottle or Tervis Tumbler (sometimes it's a little thick for the water bottle) and you've got nutritents - and energy - to go!

  2. I've become a fan of green smoothies as well. Didn't know about the wheatgrass cubes however! I will have to check them out.