Sunday, February 27, 2011


As you know, we took a trip to Panama this month.  It was amazing, of course.  I thought I'd have a hard time with the lack of access to technology (as I spend more than half of every day on my computer and phone) but it was actually quite nice to not have to think about all of it.

Vacationing with the Wolf's (our BFFs) is not like the typical vacation that the Spicy Chicken and I might take.  They are "doers" so we did not spend a lot of time sitting on our butts.  We spend every Labor Day Weekend with them at their lake house on Smith Mountain Lake, so we knew this and were really looking forward to what Todd had in store for us.  He did not disappoint.  We toured all of Panama City, went hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, zip-lining, ropes coursing, and of course spent a little time enjoying how truly beautiful it all was. 

Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos I took:

We had a personal chef most of the nights on the island so we ate like kings and queens -  fresh fish, veggies and rice - it was fabulous. We did a little drinking too...

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