Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Already?

Wow - has it really been two weeks since I last posted?  Time flies when you're having fun! Not surprisingly life has been pretty hectic lately.  With two busy kids, my own company and the Spicy Chicken traveling every week I somehow feel like the week is over before it even starts!  

That said, I've really been trying to make time for my workouts while squeezing in a little time with friends, which leaves little left for blogging.  I have a ton of posts in my head or on scratch paper, but none of them seem to make it here lately.  

So, here's a quick update.  

I started running again and am almost back to the point where I enjoy it. The weather has been pretty good (we've been SO lucky this year, knock on wood) so I haven't had that as an excuse. My shins started bothering me when I got back to 3 miles but via a fortunate twist of fate I foresee relief in the near future. I've been asked by two local foot and ankle specialists to be the subject of their blog while training for the Charlottesville Half Marathon. (Yes, I have crazily but officially committed to that!). They are hoping to show people how doable running is (and really it is) and how these nagging injuries can be combated with appropriate care.  I'm really excited with working with these people and know that it will totally help me reach my goals!

My kids have been struck by illness after illness (and few broken bones) so I've missed more of Hyam's classes than I'd like to. I feel it in many different ways on a week when my class attendance has been low. My stress levels are definitely higher (I cannot say enough how much of a stress reliever exercise is for me), my energy levels are lower, and I definitely feel yuckier on the inside (yes, yuckier is a technical term). It never ceases to amaze me how much better my food choices are when I'm exercising consistently, too.  Go figure.

I've lost a few pounds over the past few weeks but they seem to creep back up every time I even think about overeating.  This has been a tough plateau and I'm hoping that increasing my mileage (and getting everyone healthy again!) will help me get over it.

We're heading to NYC for a few days this weekend and then the Spicy Chicken and I are off to Panama a few days after that. Though I don't think I will be sporting a bikini quite yet (who am kidding, I'll never sport a bikini again!) I will be a little less self-conscious on the beach this year and I'm really looking forward to that!

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  1. You've had such a challenging winter with sickness and injury in your house. I really hope that all ends soon!

    You look fabulous, so there's no reason why you should feel self-conscious on the beach!