Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've been working out with Hyam for four months and I'm happy to say that I've lost 17 pounds.  I'm down two pants sizes and one shirt size.  I'm almost comfortable wearing a tank top in public and I even rocked a super short mini skirt a the Lady GaGa concert without feeling too self-conscious.  The most remarkable change, however, has been in the size of my feet.  Yep, you read that right - my FEET ARE SHRINKING!  

I first noticed it back in August when I put on my favorite pair of super high black heels on my anniversary.  You know that pair that you just had to have at the store because they were just soooo perfect? So perfect until you actually wore them out and realized they kill your feet but they are so beautiful you wear them anyway?  Those.  They apparently hurt so much the last time I wore them that they made an impression on the Spicy Chicken because when I took the out he remarked, "Please don't wear those - your feet will be killing you in an hour."  I, of course, completely ignored him, put them on and marched out the door.

I knew immediately that something was different (they fit!).  They even felt , dare I say, a little roomy.  I made it through the entire night in those shoes - including a 5 minute accidental hike through the Keswick golf course due to a wrong turn on our "romantic walk" - without one single complaint.  

So you'd probably think that was the end of my story, but no - it gets better

A few weeks later I found myself shuffling through the racks at TJ Maxx when I saw them - the most perfect, beautiful pair of red, patent leather heels.  They seemed to be calling my name so I started toward them.  But wait - they were in the 71/2 section and somewhere between now and college I'd grown to an 8 - sometimes even an 8 1/2 - I'd never fit into those.  But there they sat - glistening in the incandescent light - whispering my name.  I couldn't resist - I just had to try them on.  And guess what???  Yep - they fit!

If I'm this excited about fitting into a pair of shoes can you imagine what's going to happen when I reach my goal weight?

They are really great shoes. 


  1. Oh my gosh Amy, You crack me up. Not just with your writing though, but how the journey you are on so matches that of mine. I was amazed that taking off the pounds and getting into shape actually made my feet shrink as well. I am done to a 7 which I had not worn since well before the babies came along. You go girl, your photos of GaGa night look amazing. You are doing everything the right way. You don't want to take off more at a time than your body can afford to keep off. You are doing this to do it once not to roller coaster or yoyo back. You Rock!

  2. This is so terrific! Congrats on doing so well AND on finding amazing shoes. I saw them from a distance the other day and could tell that they were FAB.

  3. Oh, Amy, thanks for a good chuckle! That is terrific news. I remember that my feet got bigger when I was pregnant and never returned to their pre-pregnancy size, but that was actually a good thing b/c there's usually more selection in size 6 shoes!!