Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Ever

If you have had the pleasure of raising a 12-year-old girl you can probably understand when I say I feel as if I have lost both my daughter and my mind recently.  Somehow, over the past year my sweet, adoring, happy-go-lucky little girl has all but disappeared, and left in her place is an angry, hostile person I hardly recognize.  

I admit I am being a little dramatic (there's a lot of that drama thing going on around here lately), but there is a lot of truth to it, too. The general consensus among my friends is that sixth grade, twelve-year-old girls are, well, from hell.  Don't get me wrong - M has her moments. When she is on she is fabulous. She has the best sense of humor, does great in school and has tons of friends who adore her. The problem is that we don't get to see her in "ON" mode very often lately.

So that is why I was completely taken aback when she said this to me yesterday out of the blue:

"Know how you're bummed that you haven't lost any weight lately, Mom? You shouldn't be because muscle weighs more than fat and you're super muscular."

I know it doesn't sound like much, but when most of what you've heard lately have been things like "You're the kind mom that nobody wants!" and "I hate you!" you take what you can get. And really, "super muscular"? I'll take that from anyone any day!

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